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Discover Planika’s cutting-edge bioethanol fireplaces.

They add warmth, charm, and contemporary beauty to any living space. Planika is a top option for people looking for superior bioethanol fireplace solutions because of their reputation for their elegant designs and cutting-edge technologies.

BEV technology by Planika is a burning process which is neutral and complies with the net zero policy.

BEV technology ensures that the burner only utilizes vapour to produce the flame. This makes the whole process more efficient. Planika’s solutions are compatible with buildings with heat recovery ventilation (HRV).

A microprocessor automates and manages the entire combustion process. The hermetically sealed tank holds the cool gasoline. When  you turn the fireplace on, the microprocessor will take only a little, essential amount of fuel from the tank and transport it to the vapour generator.  A little quantity of biofuel will warm up until it reaches the vapourisation point and it will then disperse throughout the burner and produce the long flame.

The liquid fuel is not in direct contact with the fire. The ethanol fuel temperature is always low and secure because the fuel tank is separated from the combustion chamber. Moreover this fireplace includes cooling fans that activate automatically thanks to temperature sensors.

Moreover, other sensors inside the fireplace are in communication with the microprocessor, which manages all the functioning aspects. You get an alert for any activities such as audible signals and a messages on the mobile app. Finally, this fireplace avoids human possible mistakes by the use of the remote control.

Planika bioethanol fireplaces provide a variety of beautiful designs.

They suit all tastes and interior styles, as they combine elegance and practicality. There is a Planika bioethanol fireplace to fit every preference and improve any home décor, ranging from elegant and simple versions to bold and striking display pieces.

Planika bioethanol fireplaces’ autonomous burning system is just one of its distinguishing qualities.

These fireplaces provide comfort and ease thanks to sophisticated sensors and remote control features. At the press of a button, you can easily change the flame height, the amount of heat, and even set the fireplace to turn on and off at specific times.

Planika takes safety seriously and incorporates cutting-edge safety elements into its bioethanol fireplaces. These fireplaces offer a safe and worry-free fireside experience with features like automatic fuel shut-off and flame detection. Enjoy the warmth and grace of the fire while being completely at ease.

The bioethanol fireplaces from Planika are unique in terms of quality and craftsmanship. They features only premium components and go through rigorous testing to ensure longevity, performance, and durability. Planika fireplaces are made to impress and endure the test of time with meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to perfection.

Additionally, a variety of fireplace designs are available from Planika, including freestanding, wall-mounted, and built-in models.

Planika provides the ideal bioethanol fireplace to change your living area, commercial setting, or whether you want to make a big statement with a centrepiece fireplace or want a more understated and integrated solution.

Planika bioethanol fireplaces offer the pinnacle of fashion, innovation, and quality. These intriguing fireplaces, which include cutting-edge technologies and modern design, will improve the ambiance of your home. Find the ideal balance of warmth and sophistication for your living area by browsing our selection of Planika bioethanol fireplaces.