Baskets and Grates

Collection: Baskets and Grates

With the amazing selection of baskets and grates from BioFires, you may improve the aesthetics and use of your bioethanol fireplace.

We especially designed them to improve the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace. Moreover, they offer useful options for placing fuel and enhancing flame. You can choose between having a simple gentle flame or a roaring fire for the larger openings.

Find the ideal basket or grate that matches your interior decor and sense of style by selecting from a number of ranges, sizes, and materials.

You may give your fireplace arrangement a little bit of class and sophistication by using our products. We carefully picked our selection to meet any needs. We provide a variety of solutions to match any decor concept, ranging from clean and modern patterns to more elaborate and ornate selections.

Our baskets and grates give your fireplace more aesthetic appeal while also serving practical purposes.

We made them to safely and conveniently position the bioethanol fuel by holding the fuel containers or burners in place. The grates provide the best possible air circulation, enabling effective combustion and improving the flame performance.

We used high-quality materials and yo make our baskets and grates and designed them to endure the heat and pressure of frequent fireplace use.

They are built to last, to be easy to maintain, and to be strong. Enjoy the hassle-free experience they offer by just removing the grate or basket when you need cleaning or refuelling.

Our baskets and grates give your fireplace a more authentic look while also serving practical purposes.