Aura Oil

Collection: Aura Oil

Use our lovely scent Aura oils that we sell to improve the ambience of your bioethanol fireplace.

With the help of our special aroma oils, you can fill your home with enticing scents and enjoy a multi-sensory experience. they go well with the calming glow of actual flames.

Customers who desire the scent of a scented candle in their fireplace can use our Aura scented oils.

We have created a scented oil that would mix the sensation of a scented candle with the ambience of a fireplace setting. In fact, our fireplaces are almost odourless. Moreover, our Aura oils are made in England. Since we introduced our whole range five years ago, they have grown immensely in popularity as an add-on items.

With your bioethanol fireplaces, our entire assortment of fragrance oils will produce a lingering, pleasant scent.

It’s easy to use scent oils with your bioethanol fireplace. Simply place a few drops of the essential oil of your choice in the reservoirs that are on the burner’s lid. As the bioethanol fuel burns, it will slowly distribute the scent into the air. Take a seat, unwind, and savour the alluring aromas that fill your room.

Our aroma oils let you customise your bioethanol fireplace experience in accordance with your mood and preferences.

For instance, you can recall the warm, familiar scent of burning logs in an open fire with our Blazing Wood Fire oil (which is our best seller), or choose the fresh and energising fragrances of Green Tea and Citrus.

Aroma oils can assist create a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in addition to enhancing the ambiance of your home.

You can use them to relax after a hard day or during meditation or yoga sessions. The relaxing scents improve your overall experience with the fireplace by fostering a sense of calm and wellbeing.

With the help of BioFires’ fragrance oils, you can turn your bioethanol fireplace into a sensory oasis. They will fill the room with alluring scents that add an additional layer of magic. Explore our aroma oil selection right away to find the ideal scents to make the most of your bioethanol fireplace experience.