Bioethanol Insert

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Discover the mesmerising beauty of BioFires’ ribbon flame bioethanol fireplaces.

Our ribbon flame fireplaces have a modern, eye-catching design that adds a distinctive aesthetic appeal to any living area. These fireplaces offer a striking focal point and a contemporary take on conventional fireplace aesthetics with their linear flames.

Our ribbon flame bioethanol fireplaces have a modern style that is ideal for those who prefer an elegant appearance. Your home will have an air of elegance and ambiance thanks to the stunning dancing flame along a linear burner.

When choosing our manual burners, you will need to download our Insulation Instruction to follow our strict requirements as they are essential to your bio fireplace set up.

Our bioethanol inserts are professionally made with careful attention to every last detail.

The construction is high-quality to resist the heat and rigours of frequent use. Therefore, the burners can burn bioethanol fuel cleanly and effectively, producing vivid flames without of smoke, soot, or hazardous emissions.

You have complete control over the ribbon flame’s strength and height thanks to customisable flame settings.

With a lower flame, you can create a warm and personal atmosphere, or a larger, more dynamic flame can make a dramatic statement. These fireplaces’ adaptability enables you to alter the atmosphere to match any feeling or situation.

Our bioethanol inserts are simple to install.

Depending on your preferences and space needs, you can simply hang them on a wall or place them inside a specially made niche. Take use of the placement options’ flexibility to improve your living room, bedroom, or any other space you like.

The beauty of BioFires’ ribbon flame bioethanol fireplaces may completely transform your living area.

Enjoy the warmth and attraction of genuine flames while adding a modern and stylish accent to your space. Find the ideal bioethanol fireplace with a ribbon flame by browsing our inventory right now.