Collection: Tabletop

With the help of BioFires’ selection of tabletop bioethanol fires, add a dash of elegance and beauty to your tabletops.

Without doubt, these small and portable tabletop fireplaces transform any space into a welcoming gathering place.

They are the perfect solution for individuals who want the cosy glow of a fireplace without the need for extensive installation or space commitment. Moreover, table top bioethanol fireplaces provide a flexible and practical alternative. You can create a cosy ambiance wherever you choose. Set up these portable fireplaces on any flat surface, such as dining tables, coffee tables, counters, or outside patio furniture.

Table top bioethanol fireplaces seamlessly fit into any decor style thanks to its sleek and small form.

Find the ideal tabletop fireplace to fit your indoor or outdoor space by selecting from a variety of designs, sizes, and finishes. We provide a variety of solutions to fit your taste, ranging from more modern and contemporary designs to more classic and rustic ones.

Most importantly, these fireplaces utilise bioethanol fuel, which produces a clean, eco-friendly burn with no hazardous gases or soot. With simple ignition. You can enjoy the beauty of genuine flames while setting the right mood and intensity for your tabletop gatherings.

Tabletop bioethanol fireplaces provide versatility and convenience.

They are perfect for anyone who wish to stay away from the hassles of traditional fireplace settings. In fact, these tabletops don’t need installation or venting. Therefore, depending on your needs, you may transfer these fireplaces from one location to another, whether indoors or outside.

Enhance your tabletops with the alluring radiance and cosiness of a BioFires table top bioethanol fireplace. For romantic meals, social gatherings, or outdoor events, create a welcoming environment. Find the ideal tabletop bioethanol fireplace from our range today to improve your tabletop experience.