Bio Fire in an Old Grate

Bio Fire in an Old Grate

Jay Godbold sent us an email back in November asking for a recommendation on how to transform his old redundant fireplace into a beautiful real flame bio fire.

I just spoke to someone there regarding putting the gel into an existing fireplace… Is there any chance that you could help me figuring what I need to order?
I’ve just measured the inside of the grate… it slopes down a bit but the width is 42cm at the back inside and 50cm width at the front and 28cm depth in the middle and 21cm depth at the sides.
Is there something that you guys can do?”

We suggested our Budget Bio Fire DIY Kit with Small Burner – as the burner seemed to fit nicely in the space described by a customer. We also explained how to use the products and emphasized the very important fact: you must not put the accessories on top of the flame, you can only put them around the flame opening.

The final result is more than satisfying! We are very happy that we could help Jay to get a stunning flame inside his fireplace, and even though you can see the steel burner insode the fireplace when you look fromt the top – once sitting from a distance you don’t notice it at all!


This is Jay’s fireplace without any insert of accessories


When you look from the top you can clearly see that the ceramic logs are not obstructing the opening for the flame.


And a lovely video showing beautiful flame inside Jay’s fireplace:


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