Collection: Accessories

Utilise the selection of top-notch accessories offered by BioFires to finish off your bioethanol fireplace setup.

We have carefully chosen our accessories to improve the usability, aroma, and appeal of your bioethanol fireplace, assuring a smooth and pleasant experience.

Discover a variety of oils that enhance the smell of your bioethanol fireplace by browsing through our Aura Oil collection.

We provide a wide variety of seven Aura oils ranging from a traditional blazing wood fire scent, to a woodlands blackberry and rose aroma. You cannot go wrong with any of the oils you choose.

Of course you can’t have a fire without fuel.

We provide several different types of fuel packs that will see you through the winter. We provide options for 3, 6, 12, and 18 packs of 1 litre bottles of our bioethanol fuel. Our bioethanol fuel is not expensive meaning it is not expensive to run your bioethanol fireplace. Each litre of bioethanol fuel gives you about 2-5 hours of burn time, depending on how you regulate it. Keeping the fire going won’t hurt your wallet as each 1 litre bottle of bioethanol fuel costs just over £3.

Consider purchasing some of our decorative accessories to give a more wood burning sensation, without the actual wood burning.

We have options for faux-style logs, cones, coals, pebbles, and driftwood, all designed to decorate your real flame, but without burning the faux-accessories. These luxury accessories add a realistic fireplace experience with an option to decorate in a modern or vintage fashion. We also produce a range of high-definition logs which are suitable for bioethanol baskets and fireplaces. These accessories are individually crafted and hand-painted pieces with extra sharp realistic details to achieve the most natural wood experience, which is second to none and will last the entire life of your bioethanol fireplace.

We provide stove pipes to offer an additional accessory for our freestanding bioethanol fireplace collection.

These stove pipes add a traditional look to your stove. Of course they are just decorative and do not offer any kind of functionality. Rest assured, unlike old traditional fireplaces, our bioethanol fireplaces do not need any chimney and do not produce any fumes or smoke. With these extras, we make it easy for you to keep that traditional fireplace look with more authenticity.

In addition to these accessories, we also provide our customers with a very high quality long neck lighter. The long neck lighter is crucial for our customers when they purchase one of our grates that go inside their already made fireplace. The depth can be a little difficult to light. This is when the long neck of the lighter comes into play making it easy for our bioethanol fireplaces to be lit. You may add one of these elegant lighters to your purchase to improve your lighting experience.

When it comes to your bioethanol fireplace, every little thing counts, and that’s something we know at BioFires.

Because of this, we provide a wide variety of accessories to improve your fireplace experience. Explore our selection right now to find the ideal extras to complete and personalise your bioethanol fireplace setup.