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Firstly, have a look at what other customers are buying from us. These are the latest best-selling bioethanol fireplaces at BioFires. Also, all fireplaces are made with the highest expertise, design, and functionality in mind. Discover the beauty of a real flame in your home, but in an environmentally friendly way. Moreover, BioFires’ in-house design team has specially created these bioethanol fireplace products that provide a warm ambiance which are not limited by the lack of a working chimney or flue.

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BioFires specialises in bioethanol fireplaces, stoves and grates.

BioFires specialises in bioethanol fireplaces, stoves and grates. In
fact, this iconic brand was born back in 2002 as one of the pioneers
within the bioethanol fireplace industry in the UK. Therefore, for over
20 years, BioFires has continued to strive forward creating exclusive
luxury designed pieces but still providing the highest quality of expert
knowledge and customer service.

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How it works

BioFires aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the products
available to its customers.

In this section, you will find important information not only regarding to the products, but also the bioethanol industry itself and why it is preferred to the traditional wood burning, electric, or gas fireplaces. Moreover, here you can find commonly asked questions as well as safety tips and measures one must understand before purchasing a bioethanol fireplace. You will understand why quality is never compromised at BioFires and how, once you choose a bioethanol fireplace, you will see how effective it really is! In conclusion, this area has everything you need from video tutorials, to what running costs are when owning a bioethanol fireplace.

Customer Service

At BioFires, customer satisfaction is a top priority.

The company is always going above and beyond to ensure that it’s customers receive the highest level of service, from expert guidance in selecting the perfect bioethanol fireplace, to dedicated support throughout their fireplace experience. Join the many others who have purchased and fell in love with BioFires products and brand.