Old woodburner with a bio fuel insert

Old woodburner with a bio fuel insert

Julie Bree’s project features our Small Bio Burner in an old wood burner placed in the middle of a gorgeous inglenook fireplace.

The existing wood burner was slightly modified and adapted to make it safer and more effective. First, the glass was removed from the doors to keep oxygen flowing to the flame as the chimney had been closed. The doors in wood burners have glass so that the flame is visible, but when burning wood a lot of toxic gases are produced and these need to be extracted through the chimney. There is no need to worry about toxic gases when using bioethanol burners as bioethanol burns cleanly without producing any toxic emissions. This is why it was safe to remove the glass from the old wood burner.

A metal plate was placed on the top to restrict the flow of heat going through the flue. The flue had been blanked off from the existing chimney because the roof is thatched and can only have one applicance to use the chimney.

Julie says: “It has been very effective and not only looks good, it is clean and gives off real heat, I feel it is a win-win, very happy with my purchase.”

And so are we. Very clever and done with a lot of style!

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