Carrington bioethanol fireplace

From old traditional to bioethanol fireplace

Here we will demonstrate another way to upgrade your traditional fireplace with an elegant bioethanol fire by installing our Carrington freestanding unit.

Terry and Angie Austin emailed us in winter to tell us about their home renovation project. It included converting a 100-year-old fireplace into a clean-burning bioethanol fireplace without a chimney. Installing our Carrington Traditional Bioethanol Fireplace against a flat wall and underneath a TV couldn't be easier. All that they had to do was knock down the old mantlepiece and close off the hole in the chimney breast. We are very happy to hear that they are so happy with the end result. Beautiful design – the fireplace fits the new interior perfectly!


From old traditional to Carrington bioethanol fireplace. Final look.

Here is their email:

“Dear Bio Fires,
The photos are of before we did the work in the middle and once the fireplace was in. After coming to your showroom and purchasing our fireplace from you we are really happy with it. We will definitely be recommending you to family and friends. Here is some more information about our project.
After completing the purchase of our first home we really wanted to bring the living room to life with a stylish fireplace. As our flat is 105 years old, relining the chimney stack and flue was a big job. Not to mention everything that comes with having a real log fire. Therefore, we decided to go for a fake electric fire. However, we were not happy with the look or sound of even the more expensive ones.
After a lot of searching we came across the biofire concept and found your website. We loved the idea of having a real flame and heat without needing a chimney. After then winning one of your table top cube fires in your Christmas competition and being really happy with it, we were 100% sure this was the way we wanted to go.
Once installed we were so happy with the finish the Carrington fireplace gave our room and really amazed with how much heat it gives out. Added to this we went for one of your fragrance oils that gives it a lovely smell. And for the extra touch we have used the fibre glow with it, which gives a lovely effect of glowing embers that we also love.
We have recommended the Carrington fireplace to friends and family and I think when they buy one they will be more than happy.

Kind regards,
Terry and Angie”
February 2017

Old brick mantlepiece to knock down


Dismantling of the old brick mantlepiece


From old traditional to Carrington bioethanol fireplace. Final touches.
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