From a gas to a bioethanol fireplace

From a gas to a bioethanol fireplace

Our DIY Bioethanol Insert can simplify the process of converting an old fireplace—whether gas or electric—into a bioethanol one.

Tom Hermanowicz emailed us last spring to enquire whether we had any suggestions on replacing his old gas fireplace with a bioethanol fire. He had to remove his existing gas fireplace as he was having problems with the flue.


We suggested replacing his gas fire with our DIY Bio Ethanol Insert. In November we received another email:

“Good Afternoon,
Thank you very much for the DIY insert. It took me a little while to finish it off but it is now ready for the winter months and cold weather. I already sent the pictures of the old fireplace and the hole in the wall. I’m very happy with the result!
Thank you.

The frame of his original fireplace is made of stone and is fully fireproof, so the only adjustment Tom had to make was lowering the height to 60 cm in order to accommodate our DIY Bio Ethanol Insert.

He simply placed the new firebox inside and secured it by attaching it to the wall behind with two screws. He then positioned the Mini Basket inside and arranged the coal around the burner opening. We think the final result is absolutely beautiful!

December 2015


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