Gravity Bio Ethanol Glass Fire in self-built fireplace

Gravity Bio Ethanol Glass Fire in self-built fireplace

Paul Howard got in touch with pictures and a description of his impressive fireplace project in a self-build house. The pictures show various stages of how he built the bioethanol fireplace from scratch and how he used our Gravity Bio Ethanol Glass Fire to achieve the stunning final look.


“These are photographs of the fireplace design I decided upon during my self-build, and some finished pictures with our Gravity Bio Ethanol Fuel Fire in place.

My intention at the build stage was to install a contemporary log burner with a stainless steel insulated flue. The circular concrete pots were not to act as a flue but as a pathway for the stainless steel flue to be fitted at a later date.


The slot above the two apertures was to allow the fitting of a stone mantel, also at a later date, if I decided I wanted one. (There are a lot of decisions to be made at this stage of a build so I was trying to keep my options open!) The heating I installed for the ground floor is ‘wet’ underfloor giving a very even room temperature.

The recent decision to purchase an ethanol bio fuel fire instead of a log burner was driven by the fact we don’t really need the heat output of a log burner but still wanted to have a real flame in the fire place. The adjustable nature of the Bio Fires’ small burner down to 1KW was very appealing and we could not be more pleased with our purchase.


We do intend to either paint the back inside wall black and cover with a clear tempered glass or buy a black pre-finished tempered splash back. Filling the log aperture to the top will complete our project. We have tried two scented oils, Forest Log Cabin & Blazing Wood Fire, both of which we like and feel add to the overall experience of using our Gravity Bio Fire.


I have made an adaption to the Fire, shown in some of the photos, by removing the front glass and supports replacing them with a pair of stainless steel caps. Not sure which we prefer yet but it’s a nice option to have (two styles for the price of one!)”

Paul also sent us a wonderful video of Gravity.

We’re very impressed and think it looks absolutely amazing!

February 2016

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