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With the assortment of wall-hung bioethanol fireplaces from BioFires, you can create a compelling focal point in your living area.

These cutting-edge fireplaces give a touch of refinement to any space. In fact, they fuse contemporary design with the warmth and atmosphere of real flames.

Due to its adaptability and ability to free up critical floor space, our wall-hung bioethanol fireplaces are built to hang on walls.

These fireplaces are the ideal option to up the mood and create a cosy atmosphere, whether you have a modest apartment, a cosy living room or a modern office.

Our wall-hung bioethanol fireplaces naturally fit into any household style because to their sleek and simple design.

Choose from a variety of fireplace sizes, shapes, and finishes to discover the one that best suits your taste. Without doubt, it will help you improve the appearance of your room. We offer models for every taste, from simple and streamlined to more elaborate and decorative.

These fireplaces utilise bioethanol fuel, which produces a clean, eco-friendly burn with no hazardous gases or soot.

Without a chimney or gas connection, take in the beauty of actual flames. Our wall-mounted bioethanol fireplaces provide simple ignition and customisable flame settings. Therefore, they allow you to quickly and easily create the perfect mood.

Our wall-hung bioethanol fireplaces are simple to install.

All you do is simply screwing your fittings into your desired wall and hang your fireplace. Always speak to your builder or handyman to ensure the wall you are hanging your fireplace on will be able to take the weight of your fireplace. They may be safely installed on the majority of wall materials, including concrete and plasterboard. Installation is hassle-free because all required mounting hardware and instructions are provided.

Discover the beauty and elegance of BioFires’ wall-hung bioethanol fireplaces.

Create a stunning, space-saving fireplace in your room to provide warmth, beauty, and flair. Discover the ideal wall-hung bioethanol fireplace for your home or workplace by browsing through our assortment right now.