Collection: Outdoor

Enhance your outdoor living area with BioFires’ outdoor bioethanol fireplaces’ warmth and elegance.

Your garden, patio, or backyard may become an extension of your day as you enjoy the cosy ambiance of real flames using one of our outdoor fireplaces.

These bioethanol fireplaces resist are weather-proof while complementing your external entertainment space. Moreover, these will be more memorable because they serve as a focal point in any garden or terrace.

To match your decor and preferences, our outdoor bioethanol fireplaces are available in a range of designs and sizes.

Select from sleek, contemporary styles to rustic, timeless selections to create the ideal complement for your outdoor decor. Add a magnificent fireplace that provides both practicality and aesthetic appeal to your patio, terrace or garden.

You may enjoy the beauty of actual flames without the inconvenience of wood or gas. These fireplaces use bioethanol fuel and produce a clean and environmentally friendly burn. They are simple to put up and use because they don’t require a  chimney, nor do they require any installation. To achieve the desired mood, just add bioethanol fuel, light the flames, regulate the intensity, and enjoy.

These bioethanol fireplaces can be simply moved to multiple areas within your outdoor space because of their versatility. They give the flexibility to fit your outdoor lifestyle, whether you want to create a cosy seating space by the pool, a friendly meeting spot on the patio, or a focal point in the garden, the choices are yours and endless.

With the alluring glow of these bioethanol fireplaces from BioFires, you can transform your outdoor space into a mesmerising retreat. While making use of the bioethanol fuel’s practicality and environmental friendliness, experience the enchantment of genuine flames in your outdoor living space. Discover the ideal bioethanol fireplace from our range today to improve your outdoor gathering experience.