Bioethanol Fireplaces Solutions

Collection: Bioethanol Fireplaces Solutions

With the bioethanol fireplace solutions by BioFires, you can turn your redundant fireplace into a gorgeous focal point.

Our cutting-edge solutions enable you to easily transform an existing fireplace or chimney, that is either non-functional or shut off, into an alluring and functional bioethanol fireplace.

You no longer need to use conventional gas or wood-burning systems. Our bioethanol fireplace solutions offer a simple and hassle-free way to enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a true flame. You can easily put our  grates and fireplace baskets into the existing fireplace hole. Instantly you’ll create a working fireplace that improves the aesthetics of your room.

Our bioethanol fireplace solutions’ main benefits are their simplicity and adaptability.

Our selection of grates and fireplace baskets are available in a number of sizes and designs to accommodate different proportions and styles, whether you have a vast, opulent fireplace or a tiny, cosy one. Because of this, you have the ability to modify your fireplace conversion to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Our fireplace systems offer a clean and eco-friendly substitute for conventional fireplaces by using bioethanol as the fuel source.

Bioethanol fuel creates a stunning, real flame that imitates the warmth and atmosphere of a conventional fireplace. Moreover, it removes harmful by-products like smoke, ash without the need of a  chimney. Therefore, it burns efficiently and cleanly, leaving little residue, and is a sustainable and renewable fuel choice.

You may benefit from the simple installation and operation with our bioethanol fireplace options. Just insert the fireplace grate or basket into the existing fireplace opening, add bioethanol fuel, and light the flame. You may customise the mood and heat output -as the flame is adjustable- , creating a warm environment for entertainment and relaxation.

With the help of BioFires’ bioethanol fireplace solutions, see how you can transform an old or non-functional fireplace. Make it a centre of attention that exudes cosiness, elegance, and refinement. Discover the ideal fit for your current fireplace from our selection of grates and fireplace baskets. Benefit from a bioethanol fireplace that is both functional and alluring.