Building an elegant fireplace mantlepiece

Building an elegant fireplace mantlepiece

Building an elegant mantlepiece for a bioethanol fireplace? Here is an example of one. In Christmas 2017 we received these beautiful photos from Jan McDermott from Walnut Designs.

She used our Luxury Montagu Traditional Bio Fire Grate and a curved glass fireplace screen in her recent interior design project. She said they were very happy with the fireplace and we’re not surprised!


Mock mantle

Jan first constructed a mock mantle to create the illusion of a conventional fireplace despite the lack of a chimney or flue in the room.

Firstly, she protected the entire opening with Vermiculite Fire Resistant Boards and heat-resistant paint by Vitcas, a manufacturer of refractory and high-temperature insulation material. Then she placed the mantle on a white marble hearth to add to the elegant design.

Then, she simply positioned our Luxury Montagu Traditional Fire Grate  inside, together with a curved fireplace screen. Finally, she decorated the mantle with beautiful lamps, candles, a round mirror, Christmas decorations, and Christmas cards. What a stunning and elegant look! We are beyond impressed.

From this example, you can see that building an elegant mantlepiece for a bioethanol fireplace only requires a bit of creativity and one of our stylish fires.

January 2018

Final look of the mantlepiece without the grate
Complete fireplace with mantlepiece and grate
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