15th anniversary of Bio Fires

Grand Opening of Brand New Bio Fires Shop in Kensington for our 15-year Anniversary

Visit our new showroom and join us in celebrating our 15 years in the bioethanol fireplace industry!

We’re celebrating a very special birthday – we’re turning 15! We can’t quite believe that fifteen years have passed since our beginnings but we are very excited and proud to celebrate this milestone as well as share it with all the happy customers who have brought or will bring the cosy warmth of bio fireplaces into their homes. Read on to see the amazing treats we have in store for you for this special occasion!

We have come a long way since 2002 when we started exploring eco-friendly alternatives to gas and real log fires. Being on the market for so many years, we have seen a complete evolution of the ethanol fireplace industry: from early traditional gel fireplaces running on cans of gel to more modern bio ethanol burners and the introduction of advanced bio ethanol fireplace technology with remote control and safety sensors, now available for commercial use and high-end residential projects. Together with the industry evolution, we have grown into one of the leading bio ethanol fireplace companies on the UK market and have in this time launched many popular designs like the evergreen Roma II Bio Fireplace, our Ribbon Flame Regulating Bio Containers for DIY long lines of fire and the recently expanded range of traditional and modern bio ethanol stoves.

Grand opening week, anniversary event

We’re 15! Join us for celebrations during our grand opening week in our new shop in Kensington.

This calls for big celebrations! We are preparing some exciting surprises and special anniversary discounts for you in the next months. To kick off the celebrations, we are announcing a GRAND OPENING of our new shop next to Kensington High Street with a whole week of fun times and free treats just before the Black Friday weekend.

You are most welcome to drop by in our new shop on 2 Abingdon Road (London W8 6AF) for free cupcakes, meringue kisses, Christmas chocolates and some bubbly. We are also giving out a FREE Aura Oil of your choice with every purchase made in the shop in the week from 20 November 2017 to 25 November 2017. What’s not to love?

Fragrance oil for bioethanol fires

Visit us in our new Kensington shop and grab a free fragrance with any purchase.

It has been an incredibly exciting journey and we’d like to say a massive thank you to all the people who have helped Bio Fires grow over the past fifteen years. Thank you to everyone who we have worked with, all of our team members, business partners, suppliers, and of course our amazing customers. Thanks for taking a moment to celebrate with us. Here’s to another 15 years, cheers!

Have you bought a fireplace from us in the last fifteen years? Share your photos of your fireplace on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram – we would love to see them!




Halloween party ideas

5 Halloween Party Ideas to Spook Your Guests

Guest content writer.

How to host a scarily fantastic Halloween party at home

Have you got your fangs and pumpkins ready? We all know that it’s not a Halloween party without the haunted decorated house and the fangtastic costumes. However, for a party with terrifying flair, you’ll want to entertain your guests with some next level bewitching party ideas. Read our 5 simple and fun Halloween party ideas and recipes to terrify your guests this weekend.

1. Surprise your guests with Halloween piñatas

Trick or treating may be for kids, but us adults love to be treated with sweetie delights too. How about a Halloween Piñata? A special Halloween Piñata will add a pop of festive edge to your party that will get your guests up and having fun. What’s more, they’re easy to make on your own. Here’s how to make a ghost piñata.

You will need:
• A balloon
• Strips of paper
• PVA glue
• Needle
• Sweets and confetti for filling
• White paint
• White tissue paper
• Black felt

Picture source: makeandtell.com.

1. Blow the balloon up, dip strips of paper in glue mixed with some water, and glue them on the balloon until it is fully covered. Leave to dry, and then repeat the process again to make it stronger.
2. When it’s fully dry, pop the balloon with a needle, then cut a little and put the sweets and confetti inside. Cover the hole with strips newspaper and glue, and leave to dry.
3. Paint over the model with white paint and when that dries glue strips of tissue paper vertically around the base. Then, glue more tissue paper strips (starting at the base and working upwards) horizontally to form the head.
4. Cut eyes, mouth and nose with the felt and glue on.
5. Pierce two holes in the top and thread through the string with the needle, and hang where desired.

You can get creative with different shapes for different monster designs. What’s even more fantastic is that they double up as Halloween décor, making a great conversational centrepiece as your guest marvel at the festivities and treats waiting inside.

2. Eyeball punch magic

Horrify your guests with gruesome eyeballs in their punch but don’t worry, they’re fruity and yummy! Simply drain cans of lychee, and carefully stuff them with blackberries.

This deep blood orange punch is the perfect combination with the eyeballs. Just mix together:
• 300 ml chilled blood orange juice
• 950 ml chilled natural blackberry sodas
• 300 ml rum
• 50 ml fresh limejuice
• 50 ml cup syrup from lychee can
(Serves 6)

Picture source: oliviascuisine.com.

And if you want to take your punch to the next level, you can rim your glasses with purple and orange sugar.

3. Poison alert: Witch’s poison apples

These wickedly dark toffee apples will seduce your guests with its delicious black magic poison. Here’s how to make them.

• 6-12 small fresh unwaxed apples
• 340 g granulated sugar
• 255 g cups water
• 170 g cup light corn syrup
• A few drops black food colouring

1. Insert the skewers in the apples.
2. Combine sugar, water, light corn syrup, and food colouring in a pot and stir on a medium heat until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture becomes a smooth texture. Then turn the heat up and let the caramel boil until it reaches a hard crack stage.
3. Very carefully dip the apples into the hot caramel mixture and place on buttered baking paper to set and cool

Picture source: simply-delicious-food.com.

4. Have a cupcake-decorating station

Create a cupcake decorating station by providing guests with plain cupcakes, on a table with all sorts of wonderful cake decoration. From icing pens, hundreds and thousands, chocolate chips, marshmallows, whipped cream, peanut butter sweeties, and other decorative, confectionary, sprinkle delights. This is a fun, creative and yummy activity that everyone will love – but remember it must be Halloween-themed cakes – so think bats, googly eyes, blood, ghosts, vampires and everything and beyond that is Halloween!

Picture source: housebeautiful.com.

5. Pass on a scary story by the fireplace

Gather your guests around the wickedly decorated fireplace and take turns threading together a frightful Halloween tale. It may be scary or it may sometimes even be funny – how spooky the story becomes will depend upon participants.

Circled around the fireplace this will make the perfect setting for storytelling as you absorb in the warm charm of the flickering fire that casts eerie shadows around the room as the bewitching hour of midnight approaches.

Halloween decorations on a fireplace mantel

Get into the Halloween spirit by decorating your fireplace with ghoulish decorations.

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? Share your spooktacular fun ideas with us and enter our annual Hauntastic #BFHalloween Photo Competition on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!



Elegant contemporary interior with a fireplace

Traditional or contemporary – what is the perfect fireplace for you and your living space?

Enhance your interior with our expanded range of bio ethanol stoves in the 2017-2018 fireplace season

What does your fireplace say to the world about you? Is it traditional and standing proudly against your wall even when the fire is off? Is it discreet and neutral without overpowering the space but always ready to bring the natural warmth of a flickering flame? Or perhaps it is genuinely beautiful but empty and long forgotten, bearing the load of your excuses to postpone calling the chimney specialist to check your pipes?

Let’s stop and think for a while. How is your modern or traditional living space defined by your selection of a fireplace? Are you in tune with it? Or maybe you don’t have a fireplace even though you’ve always dreamt of having one? If you’re looking for something new, consider making a life-warming change. Take a sip of tea and let’s look at the new products available from our bio ethanol fireplace shop this coming winter season.

contemporary bioethanol fireplace

Cylinder Bio Ethanol Stove is a smoke-free and environmentally friendly alternative to contemporary wood burners and electric log effect fireplaces.

Stylish and elegant interiors with clean lines

Last year we introduced a new stove fireplace to our range – carefully designed Wood Burner Style Traditional Bioethanol Stove. We are pleased to say that it has been a very popular model and it clearly won quite a lot of hearts. So much so that we are now not only presenting a cream version of the bio fuel stove fire but also a sister product – slightly more adventurous Modern Cylinder Bio Ethanol Stove. This fireplace comes in a gloss white painted finish and will bring character and warmth to any home, whether it is a modern interior in a new build home or a cottage-style interior with a contemporary twist.

contemporary take on wood burners

Enhance your living room with a stunning centrepiece that can be placed against the wall – Cylinder Bio Ethanol Stove.

When developing the product and discussing it with customers, architects and designers we found that smooth, rounded shapes are generally much more in line with nature than rectangular ones. The inner flame arena in the Cylinder Stove is round and therefore not limiting the shapes of the flame itself. If you have considered coming to our central London showroom before but haven’t made it happen yet, this fireplace may be worth the visit. You’ll be enchanted.

How about traditional wood-burner style fireplaces?

Let’s not forget the stunning Cream Traditional Bioethanol Stove. Slightly less conventional than the black log burner style version, it will stand firm in any living space, whether you place it in an empty fireplace opening or against a flat wall. This season we are also expanding our bio ethanol stoves range with an optional faux venting pipe, which can be simply secured to the wall for an even more authentic look.

Bioethanol stove with a pipe

Get the look of a traditional wood-burning stove without extreme heat or a need for a chimney.

Traditional or Scandinavian stove fires are notorious for producing quite a lot of heat without the possibility to control it, so if your living room is not open plan you may end up owning a fireplace that is simply too hot to be used on a regular basis. Our new Cream Traditional Bio Stove is perfect if you don’t want an overload of heat but would still like to experience the cosiness of real flames in your home. It will blend in even with a very delicate interior without upping the room temperature to pre-sauna stage. Great looks, a solid and safe construction, enough heat to make you enjoy that glass of red wine and cosy up underneath a woolen blanket with a good book… and hang on a second… there is no chimney in your house… oh well, who cares!

autumn traditional cream bioethanol stove

Our brand new Cream Wood Burner Style Traditional Bio Ethanol Stove comes with or without a faux pipe and is suitable for old fireplace openings or flat walls.

New refreshing autumnal scent

Last but not least, we are happy to announce we are adding one more fragrance to our special collection of Aura Oils, which will take your fireplace experience to a new level. Do you enjoy fresh fragrances and going to a bookshop or a library? Then this one’s for you! Our newest Aura Oil offers an uplifting fragrance of Seville Orange & Antique Leather.

Aura Fragrance Oil

New captivating autumn orange and library aroma for bioethanol fireplaces with a fragrance diffuser.

Do you have an old fireplace that you would like to revamp before the winter? Give us a shout on Facebook and Twitter!





Halloween photo competition on Bio Fires social media channels


Boo! Submit your best Halloween photos for a chance to win a spooky tabletop burner in our 2nd annual #BFHalloween Photo Contest!

Do you think you have what it takes to scare us? We dare you! Halloween is creeping around the corner like a dark, ghostly shadow and we’re more than ready to spook out and share the Halloween spirit with you.

With the abundance of witches, zombies, goblins, fairies and other fabulous ghastly creatures soon invading our lives, it’s time for another bewitching competition here at Bio Fires. For a chance to win a magical treat this Halloween, join in this hauntastic Halloween photo contest on our social media channels! We want to see your bone-chilling costumes, spooky home decorations (bonus points for fireplaces!), gruesome pets, original pumpkin carvings, and other Halloween photos that will send shivers down our spines or make us laugh creepily.

The winning entry will receive a ghoulish prize: our all-time popular Black Glass Cube Bio Ethanol Burner to haunt your home this autumn. So don’t spook away and show us how you get into the Halloween spirit!

Halloween bioethanol tabletop fireplace - prize in annual Halloween Photo Contest

You can win this bewitched Glass Cube Bio Ethanol Burner in our annual Hauntastic Halloween Photo Contest.

To enter the competition, post a Halloween-themed photo* on our social media channels, use the hashtag #BFHalloween and follow these simple rules. Remember, we’ll be happy to see any Halloween photos that capture this frightful holiday.

How to enter the #BFHalloween Photo Contest:

1. Facebook: LIKE our page (so we can tag the winner), LIKE the competition post and POST the photo to our Facebook page with the #BFHalloween tag. You can SHARE our competition post for extra points.
2. Instagram: FOLLOW our profile, LIKE the competition photo, POST the photo to your Instagram account using the hashtag #BFHalloween and leave a COMMENT once you have done so (we may not be able to track your mention if your photos are set to private so please make sure to leave a comment).
3. Twitter: FOLLOW our profile, FAVOURITE the competition post and RETWEET it. POST the photo to your Twitter account using the hashtag #BFHalloween and mention @GelFireplaces in the tweet.

Halloween photo competition

For a chance to win a stylish Cube Bio Ethanol Burner this Halloween, join in this hauntastic #BFHalloween Photo Contest on our social media!

Are you as spooked out as we are? Time for the monster mayhem to begin!

Terms and Conditions
1. The competition runs until the deadly hour of midnight on 31 October 2017 inclusive.
2. Only one entry per person is permitted. Bio Fires cannot be held responsible for any undelivered or invalid entries.
3. The entry that fulfils all the above-mentioned criteria and wins our hearts will receive the Black Glass Cube Burner.
3. We will repost the supplied images on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for others to appreciate.
4. The competition is exclusive to social media and is open for everyone over 18, based in the UK.
5. The prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable. There is no cash or credit alternative available.
* We reserve the right to use supplied photos on our website, blog and social media channels during the promotion of the competition and afterwards.




Cosy autumn decoration ideas for the home

5 Inspiring Autumn Decorating Ideas For the Home

Guest content writer.

Top decor tips and tricks for a cosy interior this fall season

The swirling leaves that fall, the brown floor of crispy leaves we tread. Autumn has broken, and if you’re looking to lift your home for the fall season, here are 5 simple decorating ideas to transform your home.

1. Restyle the mantel

Autumn is when the fireplace really makes its way back into our hearts. As the days get colder, all you’ll want to do is warm up at home by the fire. So make your fireplace the centre of attention and the cosy hot spot of the home by restyling it to suit the autumn mood.

Bring nature’s beautiful autumn colours, smells and textures by placing birch logs by the side of the fireplace, and adorn your mantelpiece with candles, acorns, pinecones, leaves, and gourds. Assemble them in a rustic manner, giving thought to height and balance.

autumn decoration ideas for the mantlepiece

Our brand new Cream Wood Burner Style Traditional Bio Ethanol Stove has been decorated with autumn decor in our central London showroom.

2. Use a darker palette

Deep hues are often a part of autumn’s interior palette. This season why not opt for rich nature-inspired tones. Lavish hues of emerald green or midnight blues will add drama that lifts your home with a serene warmth.

If you prefer to inject these charming tones without changing the interior style, you can do this through accessorising or changing your curtains, furniture, and artwork.

Autum_decor - 2_-_emerald_green

Picture source: refinery29.uk.

3. Branch out

Autumn is a time when nature stages some of its most beautiful elements. Trees are nature’s art, so gather up branches, and display them around your home. The wood brings nature’s rustic beauty to your room, whilst the minimal lines make a space more contemporary, evoking a Japanese garden or Scandinavian style.

Cotton branches will give an added visual interest, or if you want to bring in more colour, then silk ginkgo branches will make an eye-catching addition to your room.

Autum_decor - 3 _branches

Picture source: carriedelanyinteriors.com.

4. Woven textures

Woven textiles and accents can bring depth and warmth to a room. Place plants in wicker stands, autumnal fruit in wicker baskets or revamp your light shade with a basket pendant light. These rough, rustic textures will inject a homely, comforting feel.

Autum_decor - 4_-_woven

Picture source: czmcam.org.

5. Extra light

With the days becoming shorter, and the sun hiding behind the clouds, your room in autumn will lack the brightness it needs. So add more light with extra stylish lamps. The added soft glow will brighten up your home, whilst a contemporary, bold coloured lamp design will add a pop of colour, brightening up your home in more ways than one.


Picture source: goodhousekeeping.com.

If you’re looking for a touch of bedazzling ambience to your autumn home, then a tabletop burner will produce a large and lively flame, filling up your room with the comforting charm of a real fire.

autumn decorations on the mantlepiece

Bring the autumn spirit into your home with a stylish White Glass Cube Bio Ethanol Burner.

Do you have any special decorating tips for the autumn home? If so we would love to hear them, just share your ideas or photos with us on our Facebook and Twitter channels.




6 ideas for a productive bank holiday weekend

6 Ways to Have a Productive Bank Holiday Weekend

Creative content writer

Beat the post bank holiday blues and make your bank holiday weekend one to remember with these brilliant ideas

A third of us will waste the bank holiday cleaning and doing ‘tedious chores’ – or worse… lazing around. While it’s very tempting to spend the extra time off napping, watching TV and bingeing on social media, it’s so much more worthwhile to have a productive bank holiday. Your mood will improve, you’ll feel a sense of achievement and you’ll beat that feeling of dread when Tuesday comes around and it’s time to go back to work. Here are 6 ways to have a productive bank holiday this August!

1. Do: Learn something new
Don’t: Lay on the sofa all day

Learning something such as a new language, sport, art form, dance or practical skill can work wonders for your mental wellbeing. Even the NHS waxes lyrical about the benefits of learning a new skill for a natural mood booster – claiming that learning as an adult can improve self-confidence, build self-esteem and bring a sense of purpose to your life. So, pick up that musical instrument you’ve always wanted to learn and jump right into the deep end or start that course you’ve been meaning to do. You can even do an official qualification – all you need to do is purchase a few AQA / Edexcel course books and start teaching yourself. For a small fee you can take the exam and end up with a GCSE or A-Level – which can help develop your career or just hone your knowledge of something you have a passion for. Want to learn to paint or sketch? There are so many YouTube tutorials out there – it’s just a matter of finding the time to start, and there’s no better time like a bank holiday weekend.

1 biofires learning

Picture source: behance.net.

2. Do: Hold a mini summer party
Don’t: Forget the Pimm’s!

Holding your own summer soiree is a brilliant opportunity to catch up with friends you’ve been meaning to see. This is also a wonderful chance to put your decor and culinary skills to the test. If the weather’s great then bring out any cushions and throws you’d normally use indoors and use them on your garden chairs and loungers – it really does add a chilled out, homely touch to your party. Introduce some elegance to your party with a garden tabletop burner, a great way to add some light to your gathering long after the sun goes down. As for food and drinks, keep the food simple – we recommend BBQ snacks and tropical cocktails!

garden tabletop burner for a party

Summer’s not over yet! Hold a mini garden party for your friends and family and add some magic with a tabletop burner.

We know not everyone likes party games, but this musical themed one is guaranteed to keep all your guests riveted. Write down a set of questions such as ‘Name a song that reminds you of your favourite holiday” or “What is your go-to happy song?” Make sure there are enough questions so each guest can answer at least one. Put the questions in a hat and ask each guest to take a question out – they must answer it and play the song of their choice. While the song is playing they explain why they chose this song. This party game is one of the very best ways to start some interesting and meaningful conversations – so you can spend some real quality time with your friends and family.

3. Do: Start / finish that book
Don’t: Binge on boxsets

Reading can bring so much pleasure – especially if you’re indulging in a proper page turner. So instead of binge watching boxsets, work out exactly what genre really grips you (if you haven’t found a good book already). This article on 42 Books to Read Before You Die contains some classics! But, if we’re really honest, the best book recommendations always come from friends and family. They know what you like, so there’s a big chance you’ll find your new favourite book! This is also a great excuse to make a trip to the library and explore all the amazing books, as well as hunting in charity shops and secondhand book stores. It’s also worth creating your own little reading nook in your home from an unused corner of a room – simply dress it up with comfy pillows, a soft lit lamp and a place to put your cup of tea.

4. Do: Detox from social media for a few days
Don’t: Go down a social media rabbit hole

It’s so easy to waste entire days on social media. It can make you feel inferior and even lonely when you see what everyone else is up to in their seemingly flawless lives. But by going off grid and not using your smartphone, laptop or any other device linked to social media for a few days or even just 24 hours can be extremely refreshing. There are so many amazing advantages to indulge in a social media detox including: feeling more productive (you can learn a new skill, as mentioned above!), feeling happier, being more grateful for what you have in life, living life in the moment, improving relationships with family and friends, being more innovative and many more. When, or even if, you go back to social media you can be safe in the knowledge that people only really post the positive things in their life so there’s no need to aspire to be perfect! After all, if you have food, clothes and somewhere to live then you’re richer than 75% of the entire world.

biofires social media photo

Picture source: dontwasteyourtime.co.uk.

5. Do: Become a volunteer
Don’t: Nap

It’s all too easy to nap for the entire afternoon on the bank holiday but it’s also really easy to find volunteering roles, no matter where you live. Do-it is a great place to find volunteering opportunities and even a quick Google search for ‘volunteering in [your city]’ can turn up some fantastic results. People can choose from maintaining public spaces (including painting fences, beach clear ups, litter picking, gardening and cleaning), helping out at festivals, writing and presenting for community radio, visiting the elderly in care homes and helping out with children’s activities. It’s also a fabulous chance to make new friends and open up new opportunities for both your personal life and career. Of course, volunteering comes with several mental well-being advantages, such as feeling healthier, happier, less stressed, more purposeful, having more in control over life, experiencing more independence and improved confidence – to name but a few.

4 biofires beach clearup

Picture source: cumbriacrack.com.

6. Do: Treat yourself
Don’t: Spend all day with a hangover

Spending the whole day in bed or on the sofa nursing a head-splitting hangover is one of the worst ways to spend the bank holiday. That’s why, instead of getting overly drunk and going through dread and anxiety the following day, it feels so much better to treat yourself in moderation. Better yet, treat yourself to some health and beauty activities such as getting that haircut you’ve been too scared to ask for, buying an outfit you’ve had your eye on, trying out a new makeup routine, getting a tattoo / piercing, dyeing your hair a new colour, indulging in a mani / pedi and getting that massage you’ve been meaning to have. The bank holiday is also a good opportunity to try out alternative therapies for fun such as reflexology, acupuncture, aromatherapy and Reiki – you never know, you could end up discovering a new favourite treat for yourself!

Picture source: lvmassage.co.uk.

Picture source: lvmassage.co.uk.

Are you planning on having a productive August bank holiday? Let us know what you get up to on our Facebook and Twitter channels!




5 Gorgeous Ideas for Decorating Your Spring Mantlepiece

Creative content writer

How to create a striking fireplace focal point in your home this spring

Your mantlepiece isn’t just a focal point for the festive season – it can be decorated all year round to represent all four seasons. From displaying seasonal plants and flowers to using your creativity to arrange your personal photos or upcycle your old possessions into interior design wonders – here’s how you can freshen up your mantlepiece for the spring.

1. Floral accents

What would a spring mantlepiece decoration ideas guide be without flowers? Of course, spring is a time where the world blooms back to life after the cold, dark winter – so what better way than to dress up your mantlepiece with some delightful in-season flowers? Bluebells, lavender and hyacinths in particular complement each other beautifully if your room is pale grey or white – they add a pop of colour to neutral spaces. But if you’re looking to late spring for your decorative theme then daisies would add a quirky rustic look. Don’t forget to arrange your flowers in an eye-catching vase – this is a good opportunity to do a bit of crafting with old jam jars and glass bottles. If you haven’t got much time to craft, then get creative with things around your home such as milk jugs, teapots and even tinned cans!

Spring mantel blog - pic 1

Spring is all about flowers. Picture source: designsponge.com.

 2. Mirror image

The chances are your fireplace isn’t situated under your window, but rather opposite or on a side wall. This means it’s a part of the room that gets the most light. Using a mirror to take advantage of that is a great way to decorate your mantlepiece in the spring. As the days become longer we get more natural light to play with. A mirror can reflect this natural light and bring the feeling of more space to your living room, as well as a handy way to check your hair and make-up when you’re getting ready! If your home feels light and spacious, it will most probably put you in a better mood – or shall we say ‘put a spring in your step.’


A mirror above the fireplace will easily attract more light into the room. Picture source: utrdecorating.com.

3. Be bold with your background

Feature walls have been trendy for a good few years now and their popularity hasn’t waned over time! There’s a very good reason for this – a feature wall brings the room to life without making the room feel crowded or clashing. Change the wallpaper or paint colour on the background behind the fireplace or behind your sofa in particular, because that is most probably already a charming focal point in your home. For example, a feature wall consisting of patterned wallpaper or a bold colour to draw attention to the area – as you can see with this Roman-inspired floral wallpaper – will add a lot of character to your living space. From flowers to birds, there are so many wonderful designs when it comes to choosing wallpaper in the spring! If you’re thinking of simply painting your feature wall a single colour, then duck egg blue, grey shades, pastel greens, lilacs and browns could be a fantastic choice.

Bioethanol basket in a spring fireplace

Spring up your fireplace with the combination of white, silver, green and purple on the mantlepiece against a striking wallpaper, like on this photo of our Black Bio Ethanol Fire Grate taken in our central London showroom.

4. Personalise your fireplace

Nothing says ‘home’ more than personalisation. Not only does your fireplace make a beautiful feature statement in your home – it’s a great blank canvas to personalise with photos of loved ones, cherished trinkets and quirky mini blackboards featuring cute messages. Mid to late spring may be spring cleaning time, but it is also a prime time for a clear-out in the home, so you may come across items in your loft, cupboards or stowed away boxes that you had previously forgotten about. This could include vintage glass bottles, ornate clocks, the children’s old trophies and good-looking old leather-bound books! Anything goes when it comes to personalising your mantlepiece – it’s just a matter of visualising and being creative.

Spring mantel blog - pic 4

A personal spring touch – photos above the mantle combined with gentle flowers and colour tones. Picture source: bhg.com.

5. Springy scents

Infuse your living room with late spring scents using incense, candles, homemade potpourri, diffusers and oil burners. Aura Fragrance Oils, for exclusive use with our bio fireplaces fitted with a fragrance diffuser, can also be used in a standard oil diffuser. Our particular favourites for spring include Woodlands Blackberry & Rose and Oriental Green Tea & Citrus for that extra fresh scent. You can also purchase all eight of our scents as a pack with a generous discount. You can also place scented candles on the mantlepiece because they will be at the right level and the glorious springtime scents will hit you much faster. It’s a good idea to treat yourself to some decorative candle holders to add more personality to your fireplace. Now that it’s late spring and easing into early summer – the best scented candles for your mantlepiece could be honey, mint, anything related to ‘clean linen’ or ‘cotton, lemongrass and ginger.

Picture source: Pinterest.com.

Bring the spring spirit into your home with fragrances. Picture source: Pinterest.com.

Have you got any of your own favourite spring-themed mantlepiece ideas? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter channels!




5 Easy Easter Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Creative content writerWelcome Easter and the spring with these Easter decorating tips designed to freshen up your home

Not only is Easter a holiday itself, it’s a fantastic way to welcome the spring after the cold winter months. As well as spring cleaning, Easter time is all about blowing away the cobwebs, sprucing up your living space and brightening up your home. Follow our easy Easter interior design ideas and create a fresh new look for your home.

1. Bring Easter hygge into your home

You might have heard of ‘hygge’ as the Scandinavian way to introduce a little cosiness and tranquillity into your home for the winter. But did you know hygge can be used all year round? Easter hygge is all about embracing chocolatey scents into the home and taking inspiration from spring-time nature. It’s really easy to do and just involves strategically placing chocolate and vanilla scented candles around your home – especially next to the doorways so you and your guests are greeted by the gorgeous scents! Another aspect of hygge is to decorate your home with nature during the springtime. This can include small blossoming tree branches, in-season flowers and luscious green plants.

Easter blog - pic 1

Bring lovely scents into your Easter home with special candles. Picture source: craftfreebies.com

2. Freshen your space with Easter colours

As you most probably know, each season is associated with a different colour palette – and spring is no exception. Think ‘light, fresh and bright’ when it comes to choosing your spring colours. If you haven’t got time to repaint or re-paper the walls, then you can change up your soft furnishings. Things like cushions, curtains, throws and such can create a big impact, so it could be a good idea to swap around your colours in favour of pastel blues, greens and pink – or various shades of purples and greys. The trick is to combine positive Easter colours and smarter muted tones.

Easter blog - pic 2

Pastel shades combined with purple with bring the feeling of spring and Easter into your living space. Picture source: design-seeds.com

3. Create an ‘egg-cellent’ fireplace

The fireplace is the perfect space to make a statement with Easter decorations. Our particular favourites include adorable bunny ornaments and a wicker basket filled with Easter treats! We would also recommend using clear glasses filled with a mixture of miniature decorative eggs and springtime flowers. As you can see, on our  traditional Carrington Bio Ethanol Fireplace we’ve also placed some beautiful flower garlands to bookend our Easter tableau! You could also place two identical statement pieces either side of the fireplace on the floor (of course, keeping clear of the flames) – for example, two decorative birdcages either side to add a touch of vintage curiosity-shop style charm.

Easter fireplace mantlepiece

Carrington Traditional Bio Ethanol Fireplace has been decorated with cute Easter decorations our central London showroom.

4. Table centrepieces for Easter

The seasonal holidays are a wonderful excuse to gather family and friends around the table for a delicious meal. That’s why we recommend freshening up your table with a beautiful centrepiece. Some great examples could include nests full of eggs, miniature flower pots, bunny ornaments and pebbles decorated as Easter eggs! The wonderful thing about table centrepieces is that they’re not just resigned to the dining table – they can be used for any table, including coffee tables, side tables and console tables.

Easter blog table - pic 3

Beautiful blue-themed Easter decorations on a table. Picture source: architectureartdesign.com

 5. Front door Easter decorations

You can truly welcome Easter into your home by decorating the outside of your front door (much like you would with Christmas wreaths!). Not only will it look fabulous, it contributes to that glorious springtime Easter feeling in your neighbourhood – and you never know, some of your neighbours may take inspiration from you. Our ideas include mini burlap sacks filled with faux grass or hay, Easter eggs and bright daffodil petals. But this is also a good opportunity to use your creativity and create your own Easter displays for spring!

Easter blog front door decorations - pic 4

Decorating your front door is another excellent way of bringing the Easter spirit into your house. Picture source: hometalk.com

Do you have any unique ways to celebrate Easter? We’d love to know! Share yours on Facebook and Twitter!



Tips and tricks for spring cleaning your home

6 Quick Spring Cleaning Tips And Tricks For a Fresher Home

Creative social content writer
Refresh, declutter, and organise your house for a clear, fresh space.

Spring is here, and we can already feel the days getting longer, the skies getting lighter, and smell the blossoms blooming. The spring season begins a feeling of newness and freshness that we want to emanate into our own homes. Start your spring clean with these 6 tips to help you eliminate the clutter, clear the air, and start afresh with a clean space at home.

1. Home made fabric spray and air freshener

Air fresheners are a great way to freshen up your home, but shop-bought air fresheners can have harsh chemicals that can be bad for your health. Homemade air freshener is so easy to make, without the risk of you and your family breathing in harsh chemicals.

All you need is:

  • 5 cups water
  • 1/2 cup vodka
  • 10 drops essential oils (tea tree, lavender oil)
  • Spray bottle

Mix all the ingredients in the spray bottle and shake to combine. Spray on your fabrics, curtains and air to leave your home smelling fresh and clean with a natural scent.

Use on fabrics, curtains and air so your home can smell fresh and clean with a natural scent.

Make your own air freshener to spray away those bad smells without the harsh chemicals. Photo source: onegreenplanet.org

2. Use toothpaste to polish silver

If you’re cleaning silver cutlery or jewellery, use a tooth both instead of expensive silver polish, and never put your silver in a dishwasher. All you need to do is rub the toothpaste on like soap, and rub it off with a kitchen towel. The results are remarkable. Toothpaste that contains more hydrated silica will work best, such as Tartar control paste.

Tartar control toothpaste will clean best as it contains the most hydrated silica.

Use toothpaste to clean and your silver for a polish shine that won’t damage the cutlery. Photo source: onlymyhealth.com

3. Organise your bookcase

Get rid of old books that you no longer need to free up valuable space. You should categorise books by subject and size to make it easier to find. You can add some personality by lining them vertically and horizontally in a rhythmic pattern to avoid a flat and boring system, this will add visual interest.

Declutter your books by giving away old, tatty books you no longer read

Organise your book shelf by subject and size so you choose the book you need with ease.

4. Get clever with storage

A shoe organiser is great for storing products in a tidy and coordinated manner, making it easy to find products, and what’s more they are versatile enough to be hung all over the house. Branch out and use a shoe organiser to store cleaning bottles, kitchen products, and whatever clutter you have in the house.

Hang shoe holders around your home as they are so versatile.

Get creative and use a shoe organiser to store your cleaning products and other clutter. Photo source: realsimple.com

5. Organise your wardrobe

Clearing out your closet is the best start to organising your life, by making your everyday routine more simpler. Give your unused clothes to charity, and organise your clothes by how often you wear them, type of item, and by occasion.  When you have an organised wardrobe, you can have a clean, flying start to every day.

Declutter your closet by giving unused, old clothes to charity.

Organise your wardrobe so your can start everyday with a clear and simple routine. Photo source: home-dzine.co.za

6. Vinegar away

Lime scale can be unsightly, and make any shiny surface dull and looking old. Avoid scrubbing off lime scale. The minerals are very tough, so abrasives scrubbing can damage the finish of the material underneath.  You can buy brand-name lime scale removers: however, vinegar is a great alternative that is less potent of harsh chemicals and just as effective. Use it to remove lime scale on your kettle, your showerhead, taps, washing machine, and dishwasher, stainless steel or tiles surfaces. The vinegar must stay in contact with the lime scale for it to be most effective. Either soak the product for an hour in vinegar, or if it’s something tricky like taps, then use a towel soaked in vinegar and wrap it around the taps for an hour. In a washing machine, use a cup of vinegar instead of detergent and run a washing cycle without clothes. In a dishwasher, pour vinegar into the base of the machine rather than the detergent dispenser. Your home will be glistening with shine!

Vinegar is an effective alternative with less harsh chemicals.

Vinegar is a great way to remove them unsightly limescale for a sparkly shine. Photo source: wikihow.com

And there you have some easy, effective tips to get your home organised, clean and ready for the new spring season, so you can get on with a kick start to your days.




Mothers day conest

MOTHER’S DAY PHOTO COMPETITION – Best Mother-Child and Owner-Pet Lookalikes

Win Luxury Mother’s Day Treats by Biscuiteers and a £50 Marks & Spencer Gift Card in #BioFiresMum Contest!

March is finally here and we’re happily saying hello to spring. This month is all about budding cherry trees, first spring walks in the park with our family or friends and, of course, Mother’s Day. As this special day that reminds us how much our mothers mean to us is just around the corner, Bio Fires have a new exciting competition that could win you and your mum a fabulous prize! But this time it comes with a twist – we’re not celebrating only mothers but also caring pet owners and their furry friends. Curious for more? Read on!

Is your daughter a mini version of yourself? Do you keep getting comments that your son is a spitting image of you? Or perhaps you have a pet that looks uncannily similar? Enter our Best Mother-Child and Owner-Pet Lookalike Photo Contest for a chance to win these amazing Mother’s Day gifts from Biscuiteers, a luxury biscuit boutique that offers delicious hand-iced gifts, Marks & Spencer, and Bio Fires.

Be a winner of our Mother's day contest by showing a pic of your dog, cat, mummy, son, or daughter"

Show us your mother-child or owner-pet lookalike photos for a chance to win special Mother’s Day prizes!

The winners will receive one of these fantastic prizes:

What better way to treat your mum to what she deserves for Mother’s Day?

Luxury biscuits, fireplace accessories, and £50 gift voucher card.

Win these beautiful Mother’s Day prizes from M&S, Biscuiteers, and Bio Fires. Picture source: M&S, Biscuiteers.

How does it work?

For this Mother’s Day, we’re asking you to show us your best mother and daughter, mother and son or owner and pet lookalike photos. You can submit one photo of the two of you or two separate photos next to each other.

To enter the competition, post the photo* on our social media channels, use the hashtag #BioFiresMum and follow these simple rules. Remember, we’ll be just as happy to see your families as dogs, cats or any other pets with their owners!

How to enter the #BioFiresMum Contest:

  1. Facebook: LIKE our page (that will allow us to tag the winner), LIKE the competition post and POST the photo on our Facebook page with the #BioFiresMum tag. You can SHARE our competition post for extra points.
  2. Instagram: FOLLOW our profile, LIKE the competition photo, POST the photo to your Instagram account using the hashtag #BioFiresMum and leave a COMMENT once you have done so (we may not be able to track your mention if your account is set to private so please make sure to leave a comment).
  3. Twitter: FOLLOW our profile, FAVOURITE the competition post and RETWEET it. UPLOAD the photo to your Twitter account using the hashtag #BioFiresMum and mention @GelFireplaces in the tweet.
Special Mother's Day competition to treat all the caring mums and pet owners.

Bio Fires are celebrating all the amazing, inspiring, loving, super mums.

Good luck and get posting!

Terms and Conditions

  1. The competition runs until Sunday 26th March 2017 inclusive.
  2. Only one entry per person is permitted. Bio Fires cannot be held responsible for any undelivered or invalid entries.
  3. Three entries that fulfil all the above-mentioned criteria and win our hearts will be awarded either the first, the second or the third competition prize.
  4. The prize pool consists of the following three prizes: Biscuiteers’ Mother’s Day Flowers Biscuit Tin (worth £30) + £50 Marks & Spencer gift card + Aura Oil; Biscuiteers’ Teapot Big Biscuit Card (worth £20) + Aura Oil; Biscuiteers’ I Love U Mum Biscuit Card + Aura Oil.
  5. We may repost the supplied messages and images on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for others to appreciate.
  6. The competition is exclusive to social media and open for everyone over 18, based in the UK.
  7. The prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable. There is no cash or credit alternative available.

* We reserve the right to use supplied messages and photos on our website, blog and social media during the promotion of the competition and afterwards.